Private Lending 

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Private Lending

NY-Skyline3Regina Capital LLC is a private lending firm that provides a variety of loans for commercial purposes in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. We are a direct lender providing loan programs and capital to real estate investors, builders, developers, and brokers. Regina Capital specializes in short term real estate secured loans, often called bridge loans and/or hard money loans, that fund quickly and are based upon the value of the real estate or collateral securing the loan. Our loan programs do not rely on many items that are critical to qualifying with traditional lenders, such as: foreclosures, bankruptcies, judgments, borrower’s income, employment, assets, credit scores, or tax returns. Whether it’s for retail, office, land, re-hab, construction, or multi-family, we’re the direct private lender of choice for fast funding of private commercial loans in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Call us today 203.685.4322 or email: We welcome inquires from all commercial Real Estate Investors, Builders, Developers, and Brokers. Sorry, but we do NOT finance owner-occupied homes.

Hard Money Loans

sliderWe're the Private Lender of choice for Direct Hard Money Loans and Private Mortgages for all types of Commercial Real Estate in CT, MA, NJ, and NY.

Private Mortgages

sliderQuick funding for commercial purposes including retail, offices, rehab, land, construction, and multi-family buildings.

Brokers Protected

sliderBrokers are paid directly at the closing, as a separate line item. We appreciate your expertise.

Commercial Loan Workout

sliderWe know the proper process, have engagement with the banks, and can provide the resources to help you achieve a positive workout result.